Monday, September 1, 2014

Around the World Blog Tour

Around The World Blog Tour
If you're new to my blog then welcome.
Over a week ago I was invited by Maria to join in the
 Around the World Blog Tour,
I'm always on the look out for new blogs to follow
so thought this would be fun to take part in. 
Maria is a very talented bag and a resent quilt maker. 
She made her first quilt testing out my Watkins Star pattern
and well, she has been bitten by the quilting bug.  
 Go check her out Here.

As part of the blog tour we have to answer a few questions and
link to a blog for you to take a look at.
If you don't already know the lady
I will introduce you too, you will just love her.

So lets get started.
What am I Working On?
I have several projects in the works.
Some will be revealed in the
See You In September
Blog Hop that starts Sept 3.
Here are a few pics.

When Did You Start Blogging?
I started blogging in March of 2012.
I had entered a Moda Bake Shop contest
and received honorable mention for this bag.
I then decided that I
loved the quilty community.
I have met some of the most lovely
people blogging.
Why do I create what I do?
I honestly create for two different reasons.
I love a challenge.
First, hexie quilt ( all hand pieced and quilted) 
August 2013

First, curved pieced quilt,
June 2014
You get the picture.
And the Second Reason is
I can't sit still.
I like to be busy busy busy.
What do I hope to achieve in the near future?
I would love to write a few
more patterns,
if time allows.  I have
one completed.
And another that is
being tested.
And I love sharing what I am
working on with all of you. :)
Now that you've read a bit about me I'd like to introduce you to one talented lady.

Joan of Moosestache Quilting, she is very talented. 
I love her witty sense of humor and her contagious creativity. 
She was one of the first ladies I began following
when I started my blog
and I always enjoy stopping over at her Moose haven. 


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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bobbing Along -Block on Board Hop!

SEW Have you been BOB-bing Along?

Welcome to my day on the BOB Blog Hop!

I've blogged about my handy GO! Accuquilt cutter before...
My last project using it was my
 Fields of Irises Flowering Snowball Quilt.

I was so happy when the fabulous people over
at Accuquilt invited me to join in their BOB Blog Hop

Do You know BOB?
BOB makes quilting so easy.
I chose to share the Rob Peter to Pay Paul BOB.

Rob Peter to Pay Paul is a Block on Board aka BOB -
 every shape needed to make the classic block
is included on two small  die boards.
It’s a easy, fast, and convenient to use this die!
And really,
how long would it take to cut all those
curved pieces by hand?
(I know I wouldn't even try without my BOB)
I was inspired by the inevitable
change in the weather.
The leaves will soon be
turning to the shades of Autumn.
No more will there be flowers blooming
from the summer containers.
 We will be seeing glowing wit hues of reds, oranges,
and yellows.

I decided to stray away for the
traditional look of
the Rob Peter to Pay Paul block and
make something a bit different.
The die is so versatile,
there is no problem changing
things up a bit.

I hand quilted the entire piece
with coordinating Aurifil 12 wt. thread.
This was my second curved
pieced quilt.
 I always enjoy a challenge,
but this Accuquilt die took the
trouble out of curves.
You can also pick up this beautiful pattern on Accuquilt

                                                                                   for FREE for a limited time.
There's a great line up of quilting bloggers participating in the BOB Blog Hop,
be sure and check their projects out....
August 18th – Samplings from a Blue Ribbon Girl – GO! Flowering Snowball
August 19th – Strip Quilter – GO! Ohio Star
August 20th – Freemotion by the River – GO! Log Cabin
August 21st – A Quilting Life – GO! Dresden Plates
August 22nd – Pleasant Home – GO! Blazing Star
August 23rd – Living Water Quilter – GO! Hunter Star
August 24th – Ray’s Sew Crafty – GO! Double Wedding Ring
August 25th – Blue Feather Quilt Studio – GO! Rob Peter to Pay Paul
August 26th – One Stitch at a Time – GO! Double Wedding Ring
August 27th – Beaquilter – GO! Log Cabin
August 28th – Sew Incredibly Crazy – GO! Rob Peter to Pay Paul
August 29th – Sew Fresh Quilts – GO! Ohio Star

I am so glad that you decided to BOB along with me.
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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Meet BOB!

I'm going to let you in on a little SECRET...
I have been super busy working with
Who is BOB? 
BOB stands for Block on Board. 
BOB die designs enable you to cut the pieces for an entire block with just one die
with your Accuquilt GO! Cutter.
How many Bob's are there?   
 Designs to choose from.
I am using the Rob Peter to Pay Paul Die.
Here is a little peek of what I have been working on

I can't wait to show you what I am
finishing up.
Accuquilt teamed up with some of creative folks
to see what they make with BOB!
From August 18th – August 29th, see a new project each day!
Here’s the full schedule:
August 18th 
Strip QuilterGO! Ohio Star
August 20th
 Pleasant HomeGO! Blazing Star
August 23rd 
BeaquilterGO! Log Cabin
August 28th 

Stay tuned for all the fun BOB projects!


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Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Baby Bib Tutorial

Hey, Drop in over at Thermoweb
where I am guest blogging on
how to create this little bib....
and they are having a pretty
generous giveaway that you
should check out.  :)
I had such a time getting a nice picture.
An elephant kept photo
bombing the pictures.
I think he was jealous of the bear.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pets on Quilts 2014

It's time again for the Pets on Quilts Show!
Each year Lily Pad Quilting hosts this fun virtual quilt show
and this is the first year that I have
entered in all the furry fun.

We adopted two kittens last
fall and they have been so much
fun and a great addition to
our family.  All of
our cats have just basically found their
way to our doorstep and well
the rest is history.  (As they say)
We can always find the kittens together.
 Snuggled up with each other.
They remind me of the book,
Where the Red Fern Grows. 
Where one is,
you can probably find the other.
At this very rare occasion,
the oldest cat was guarding
the babies on the Hexi quilt I finished last summer.

She pretends to be tough,
but we all know that
she really loves them too.


Go see all the other little furries
at the pet show.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stitches of Summer

It has been a busy couple weeks
and still my poor sewing machine
is feeling neglected.
But, I have this
beautiful stack of fabric
just waiting to be sliced into pieces
and sewn back together.
You could call it therapy.
(And right now I need a little)
The colors just make me happy. 
I am so looking forward to working
 with these little beauties.
So what exactly have I been doing this
In the few moments,
that I am not painting the house,
and all the other home improvement
projects that require nice weather
or regular household chores,
I have been working on a little
I think I will be saving this
for the
I am very close to having the
embroidery all done.
Our garden is in full bloom and I
LOVE it.
We had a lot of rain today
and it just keeps coming.
While there was a small
break in the clouds, I
snapped a shot of one of my favorite
day lilies.

And my dear sweet quilting friend,
worked up my pattern
I am in love with her color choices.
It just screams
She has a second in the works,
that is a totally different theme.
Go and check out the teaser photo.
Hope you all are
 enjoying your week!

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